Best Ever Korean Skincare Haul

My BFF Diana is the first one who opened my eyes to Korean skincare and unless you’ve been living under a rock, you really should be on this bandwagon by now. After recently reading about the super popular I'm From Honey Mask, I knew I had to try it so I placed an order through Ms. Apothecary, along with a few other goodies in hopes of obtaining beautiful poreless skin like so many Korean actors. 

It's loved by beauty editors everywhere and it temporarily sold out earlier this year. That’s good enough for me! This mask contains 38.7% real honey harvested in Korea and is supposed to be the best hydrating mask out there. Is that a big claim? I don't know and I don't care. I love it. (Full review TBD.)

A 3 step process for removing blackheads that is supposed to be more effective and less painful than Biore strips and kinder on the skin. I have yet to try these but I'm really excited.

This serum promises to shrink pores in order to achieve “poreless” skin. I'm just putting my faith into the fact that every Korean skincare product that I've ever tried has delivered on its promise therefore, this can't fail. Right? Right?!

This one is kinda gross because it's actually real silk cocoons that have been emptied of the worms. It acts as an exfoliator and is excellent for removing blackheads. Watch this video and prepared to be impressed/ grossed out. 

Royal Jelly (which comes from bees) is known to be a good anti-aging product that plumps the skin. I don't know what else this mask is supposed to do but I'll let you guys know later if I look 10 years younger. ;)

Again, I ordered all of these products through Ms. Apothecary and got free shipping. My order took a bit longer to arrive than I would have liked but overall, I think the prices were fair and the selection is decent. If you're looking for more, head on over to Wish Trend, which is where MS ships from. Also, stay tuned for a more detailed review on these products later on.