April Favourites: Denim & Saint Laurent

If you read my blog on the regular (and thank you so much if that's you!), then you'll notice that I took a little blogging break last week. I think it's so important to take the time to recharge the creative batteries and since my day job also happens to fall into the creative field, I felt it was necessary to take a week to myself and enjoy life in order to get some fresh ideas. 

So now that I'm back, let's start off with my monthly favourites. April was all about my love of denim and if you follow my IG, you'll know that I wore a variety of denim in different shapes in the month of April. These particular ones are my absolute favourites and I think everyone needs them in their spring/ summer wardrobe in order to freshen up their look. From left to right I have my classic denim jacket which I picked up on sale recently along with my A Gold E super-flared jeans - which are so flattering to the female figure that it's crazy! They hug my hips and bum nicely and I can't wait to style these jeans for the blog! (I urge you to try these on. I'm pretty sure they're fail proof.) Next up is my western style chambray top from Madewell, which I bought a while back and continues to be a fave of mine along with my One Teaspoon Freebird mega distressed jeans which are perfect for a laid back summer vibe. I swear this particular light grey colour goes with everything! All of the pieces here (except for the Madewell top) can be picked up at Mendocino, which is also an April fave. Shoutouts to the store that has me craving a visit to L.A. so badly!!! 

The overall aesthetic for April was very much 70's inspired with that rock and roll chic edge that is such a quintessential part of my personal style. It must have subconsciously led me to my recent Saint Laurent obsession, which began when I ran into this amazing lipstick pink YSL cross body bag, one of my many serendipitous purchases. Isn't she cute? April was all about colourful accessories and mini bags. Let's see what May brings.