How To Style It: The Overalls

Styling overalls can sometimes be difficult and my approach here was to take semi-sophisticated route. The overalls are from Free People and I accidentally bought them in a size too big but I was too lazy to return them. (One of the hazard's of online shopping.) Every summer I tell myself that I'm going to get rid of them but I always wear them because they're super comfy. I paired the overalls with a silk blouse for Zara to offset the casual vibe from the denim. My Alexander Wang Antonia heels are probably one of my best shoe purchases ever and I swear the cobalt blue colour goes with everything. The little box bag is from The Free Island and it mimic's the Celine box bag. Fine by me since it's just a happy little cheapie. Remove the overalls from the equation and all of the pieces that make up my outfit are dressy which is why this look works. It's all about juxtaposition my friends.  ; ) | Street Style Denim Overalls with Silk Zara shirt and blue Alexander Wang Antonia heels sandals_1430.JPG