The Art Of The Mash-Up

I was up very early today and right now I should be in bed but first, time for a blog post along side my nightly tea. This outfit is a testament to the fact I'm always mixing pieces in subtle ways. The leather shorts have a sporty hem line and elastic waist that makes easy to pair with anything. The blouse is a recent Aritzia buy that I loved so much that I had to get it in black as well. My sandals are Alexander Wang circa 2012 that I acquired at the beginning of my Alexander Wang obsession. They don't exactly go with blue YSL Sac De Jour but honestly, does it really matter? To top it off, literally,  I'm wearing my paper fedora hat from F21. The art to mixing it all is about keeping a tight colour story and pairing cuts and textures that work together. The hat and blouse have a cool summery feel where as the shoe and shorts have sporty-ish vibe. As for the bag, well, it's Saint Laurent so no one's gonna question that. *Wink* And with that, I bid you all a goodnight!
xo, Nathalie