These Fresh Marc Jacobs Scents Are Perfect For Layering

Marc Jacobs Pear, Cucumber, Rain and Cotton perfume collection_1806.JPG

It’s layering season - and that doesn’t just mean clothes. Marc Jacobs perfumes aren’t new on the block, but damn are they fresh. Available in Cucumber, Cotton, Pear, and Rain, these scents are uplifting, crisp and wonderful when worn alone and when layered together. What’s our fave combo? Pear x Cotton, which smells like clean laundry and fresh, picked fruit procreated. Oh, baby.

Marc Jacobs Pear, Cucumber, Rain and Cotton perfume collection_1830.JPG



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Marc Jacobs Cucumber Perfume

Refreshing, light and soothing this scent lifts our spirits and makes us feel like we're walking on air. Or water if that's your thing.

Top Notes
Watery cucumber, Lotus leaf, Crisp bamboo

Heart Notes
Lily of the Valley, Linden blossom, Dutch freesia

Base Notes
Frosted musk, Blonde woods

Marc Jacobs Pear Perfume

Our favourite of the Marc Jacobs collection. It's light, a touch fruity, a touch floral, and fresh. Best of all it's memorable and unique. Those who love warmer scents will love this one.

Top Notes
Bergamot, Lemon, Pear

Heart Notes

Base Notes
Teak wood, Amber, Musk

marc jacobs pear perfume.jpg

marc jacobs cotton perfume.jpg

Marc Jacobs Cotton Perfume

If you love the scent of fresh, clean laundry then you'll love the scent of MJ's Cotton. It's warm and inviting and layers beautifully with other scents. 

Top Notes
Peach, Mandarin, Bergamot, Aquatic accord

Heart Notes
Lavender, Jasmine, Cotton accord, Lily of the Valley

Base Notes
White suede, Blonde wood, Musk

Marc Jacobs Rain Perfume

This uplifiting scent is unique and sparkling, like a cross between fresh-cut grass with a splash of clementine and strawberry. 

Top Notes
Clementine, Cypress, Strawberry

Heart Notes
Sunflower, Passionflower, Orchid

Base Notes
Teak wood, Amber, Musk, Oak moss

marc jacobs rain perfume.jpg

Marc Jacobs Pear, Cucumber, Rain and Cotton perfume collection_1789.JPG