The curse of the Levi's 501 wedgie

Growing up in the 90s, grunge music, band tee's and denim was my world. (Not much different from now I guess.) I used to dress like a boy and I lived in old jeans and oversized band tees. I supplemented my closet with pieces from Zellers, Sunrise Records, thrift stores and my dad's closet. Yup. While most girls were playing in their mum's closet, I was rummaging through my dad's old jeans. My favourite pair were these loose Levi's that were super worn in, complete with paint splatters and rips in the knee. I thought they looked amazing until I turned around one day and looked at my butt, only to realized it looked like I had a massive wedgie. UGH! Then I realized all of my other Levi's also gave me wedgie butt!! I stopped wearing most of my Levi's at that point and became really conscious of buying only derrière flattering jeans. I did though keep around my dad's old Levi's because they were so cool and so comfortable and embodied that 90s grunge look that I was so obsessed with. 

Twenty-three years later I find myself in the department store, taking a pair of Levi's to the fitting room to see if the wedgie curse is still there. It is. But god dammit, they're so ridiculously comfortable and when you live in skinny jeans like me, you embrace comfort and fabric being away from your legs for once as opposed to being encased in it. I've been rocking them almost every day since I got them and at this point, I could care less about wedgie butt. 



Levi's 501 CT cropped jean (exact here)
The Kooples leather jacket
Gucci gold Princetown slippers
Chaser black tank
Marc by Marc Jacobs red + black striped bag (circa 2015)
Ray Ban gold aviators
David Yurman bracelet
Valentino black Rockstud bracelet

Are skinny jeans dead? My new found love of Levi’s 501 - Gold gucci princetown slippers_8253.JPG
Are skinny jeans dead? My new found love of Levi’s 501 - Gold gucci princetown slippers_8252.JPG

Photopgraphy by Michael Biro.
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