Narciso Poudree | Last minute Mother's Day gift idea

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Every year my brothers and I go a little overboard on Mother's Day and spoil our mum. It's not even about the gifts but more of the gestures.

One year my illustrator/ tattoo artist brother framed one of his works of art for her. Oh man, she gushed about that piece for a long time! (I don't blame her because I wanted it for myself! LOL).

Another year we took her to the Art Gallery of Ontario (AGO to the locals) to see the Picasso exhibit, one of her favorite artists.

Then there's my father, making fancy meals for her and buying her roses and white wine because red gives her a headache.

And let's not forget my other brother waiting on her hand and foot (ok I'm exaggerating) but seriously, we love spoiling her!

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Narciso Poudree is a seductive, mysterious and soft scent. "A gently addictive heart of musk leads on to a warmly potent white jasmine blended with cedar and vetiver."


Hopefully, you got some good ideas on my Mother's Day gift guide posted earlier in the week. If you're still not sure how to spoil mama, I have a quick last minute idea for you - Narciso's Poudree perfume. 

I was at Saks last weekend getting something for my mum. They had custom engraving on perfume bottles that day and I was surprised to see five bottles, I kid you not, five bottles of Narciso Poudree in the engraving queue. 

Then yesterday, a bottle of Poudree happens to appears in my mailbox along with a beautiful necklace that says 'mama'. Honestly, my mum is pretty spoiled this time of year, partly because of my work as a beauty blogger, but mainly because we all pitch in to make her feel special on Mother's Day.

Happy Mother's Day to all of the Mother's out there. Whatever you decided to get for mama, I'm sure she'll love it. ; )



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