Dewy skin feat. Chanel CC Cream + Le Blanc Makeup Base

When was the last time you looked in the mirror and thought, "I can see my foundation!" Ya, we've all been there and it sucks. It's obvious when makeup is sticking to dry patches and settling into fine lines. Worse yet, the foundation doesn't match and it really looks like makeup, not skin.


It's the reason I've favoured BB and CC creams, and sheer water-based foundations for everyday wear for as long as I can remember.

Sadly (for me and anyone who as to look at my skin), it's only in the last couple of weeks that I'm realizing that as sheer as my makeup is, it doesn't matter when I've been over-powdering to "set my base". Tell me, why are we taught such assinine beauty tips that benefit no one?


With that, I've been on a mission to see how natural I can get my makeup to look these days.

Yes, the no-makeup-makeup goals are real over at WoahStyle and I've been experimenting in more ways that I can count.


It was on a press trip recently and I happened to forget my foundation. I learned two important things that day: 1) I can go without foundation and just use concealer, and 2) Chanel makes a kickass CC Cream!

Let me back up for a sec.

One of the ladies I was on the trip with, was sympathetic to my no foundation situation and offered me some of her Chanel CC Cream. I was flattered by the kind gesture but only managed to yelp "but we're not the same colour!", instead of the obvious "thank you so much."

(I'm a little durpy like that... Sorry Katherine!) 

I politely declined and went sans foundation for the evening but the idea of a Chanel CC Cream, and the fact Katherine has the most amazing skin I've ever seen, wouldn't leave me mind.

Upon returning home I ran to my nearest Chanel counter and paid $70 for a 30mL bottle of the most expensive makeup that I currently own. BTW, I have about 15 bottles of foundation in my collection and this one is by far my fave. 


The CHANEL CC Cream looks like skin.

It has SPF 50 and UVA/ UVB protection.

It's luminous.

It's sheer, semi-matte and semi-dewy all in one. 


It's fucking phenomenal and Diana, my bff, kept commenting on how good my skin looked and swore she'd never buy it.

And then she did. 


Honestly, this is makeup made me fall in love with the Chanel beauty brand all over again.

I recently bought the Le Blanc Brightening Makeup Base to amp up that youthful glow that's so hard to obtain past the age of 35. I got mine in the shade ROSE because I have yellow undertones in my skin and it's best to bring out the brightness with a pink colour corrector.  It has an SPF of 40 and I love it.

I'm back on the Chanel beauty bandwagon again and I'm strapping on my seatbelt for the long haul because my skin has never looked better. Of course, proper skincare is a necessity but that's a whole other post! ;)


Photography by Nathalie Martin.

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