What's in my Céline bag

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I recently bought myself a new bag - a Céline nano luggage in the colour Vermillion. 

Two things you should know right off the bat. First, I've always wanted a Céline luggage bag. In fact, I wanted one so bad that I got my Saint Laurent nano Sac De Jour in hopes to curb my need for the Céline. Why didn't I just get it to begin with? Who knows. Second, I've been wanted a red bag for a long time now. But not just any red. It had to be a happy bright-orange shade. Vermillion if you will. 

So this bag gets posted on Love That Bag earlier this summer but I kept holding off. You see, as much as I love having nice handbags, I'm actually pretty careful about what I buy. Mainly because I have an insane shoe obsession but that's a topic for another day. As you can see, I finally bite the bullet and decide to buy it. There's just something so special about this colour that is so magical to me and it makes me insanely happy. Just peek inside my bag and you can see how much I love red.  

I got my bag last week and I haven't stopped wearing it since. The leather is soft and buttery but it doesn't scuff easily. It's so much more comfortable to wear than my Saint Laurent nano bag and it fits a surprising amount of stuff in it. I'm pretty confident that I won't get tired of this bag anytime soon. Considering it was on my wishlist for so many years now I know it was a solid buy. Also, my small leather goods fit beautifully in my new Céline luggage. ;)

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If you haven't heard of Love That Bag then you might be a new reader to my blog (oh hi and welcome!) because I've blogged about them lots in the past. LTB is an online consignment shop based out of Montreal, Canada. They specialize in luxury bags and pride themselves in selling authentic bags in excellent condition. I bought my Chanel patent leather Jumbo Flap bag from them last year and I couldn't have had a better experience.
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I love small leather goods for keeping my life organized. In my bag you can find my small LV agenda, Chanel card holder, Tumi makeup bag and my iPhone, which is always dressed in a Felony Case. This is one is real marble!

I don't actually have a proper wallet. I toggle between my Chanel cardholder and my Louis Vuitton agenda which has compartments for cards. For tiny bags, I love using a card holder because it keeps my essentials in one place. Before I got it, I used to just throw my license and credit cards into my bag and let them float around. I'm lucky I never lost anything this way because it would have been easy to drop my ID on the floor without noticing if I was pulling out something else. 

My LV agenda is my life line. I bought it in the small size because I wanted it to fit into my small bags. It keeps my schedule, my banking cards and license. While it's not the easiest to write on the small pages, I do love it for what it is, a chic and convenient accessory for keeping my life organized. It has extra compartments to stash my receipts and business cards which is great. 

A small leather bag to hold makeup is a must. I got this one from Tumi on sale year for about $30 at Toronto Premium Outlets. It fits inside my Céline bag perfect and holds all of my makeup essentials - oh you know, four or five lipsticks as per usual, a compact, hand cream, powder and a small powder brush, all which are oddly absent from my bag at the moment. Hmm...

That's pretty much it! The makeup I carry with me can change on any given day and sometimes I'll carry a small travel sized perfume if I have an event but my accessories usually stay the same. It's about staying organized so I don't loose anything or have to go digging deep into my bag to find lip balm for my debit card. That was the old me and trust me, I never want to be that messy again!

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