Why White after Labour Day works

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Back when I first started WoahStyle, over three years ago, I used a wear a lot of black. Everyone assumed I had an aversion to colour so when it started to creep into my blog life, people took notice. The comments used to make me laugh because they had no idea how much I truly love colour. 

So here's the deal. It's not black as a colour that I love, or any colour really, but it's more of the graphic element. Let me explain. 

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Why White after Labour Day works_0310.JPG
Fall 2017 Accessories - Celine Vermillion nano luggage bag and tobacco colored Prada mules _9184.jpg

The Subtle Art of Contrast

My personal aesthetic is that I'm drawn to boldness with clean lines. All black with a glittery pink shoe; denim with a beautiful white coat; or in this instance, the warm tones of white with a tobacco coloured shoe and a strong pop of Vermillion to complete the outfit.

Everything about the way I dress is about subtle contrast. 

A mini shirtdress is sexy because it shows off lots of leg. I kept it from looking too over-the-top and age appropriate by doing the buttons up all of the way to the collar. I opted for a créme oversized blazer to make the mini dress more sophisticated while still keeping the look modern because I'm playing with the oversized silhouette. The créme colour also diminishes the whole antiquated rule of white after Labour Day because it allows the outfit to be more autumnal by playing off warmer tones. For example, if I was wearing pure white, the overall vibe would have been more summery don't you think? The créme shade also allows my outfit to transition into a tobacco coloured shoe more seamlessly. Black would have worked as well but I really wanted my outfit to be about warmth and not stark contrast. This is where the subtly of playing with colours is key.

Now picture my outfit without the Vermillion coloured bag for a second. It would still work on its own. Now add the bag back and all of a sudden you have that pop of boldness that I was talking about in the beginning. It's all about that subtle juxtaposition between something neutral and something bold that I'm always drawn to. 

Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood eyeshadow palette and Nars Powermatte liquid lipstick_9108.jpg
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The Key to Wearing White in the Fall

If you're like me and you're a fan of wearing white in the fall, but you're hesitant, don't worry because it's actually easier than you think. Just keep autumnal textures in mind when getting dressed - cashmere, tweed, denim, basically any cozy texture that you'd wear in the fall goes. Linens, poplins and seersuckers wouldn't work because they're synonymous with summer. I'm a strong believer in wearing whatever you want, at any given time of the year but it's about how you pair it that makes the difference. It's like old design rule - you have to know the rules to break the rules. 

Here's another quick example. I did a post back in 2014 wearing a créme coloured Acne skirt with a white Acne knit. The skirt was from the summer collection but that didn't stop me from wearing a piece I loved for fall. I paired it with a black leather jacket, for that bold graphic element that I love so much, and accessorized with my whimsical Comme Des Garcons sneakers. Again the accessories play in important part in breaking up my outfit and keeping it from being too serious. 

Personalized eyeshadow palette from Charlotte Tilbury. Thanks Charlotte!!

Personalized eyeshadow palette from Charlotte Tilbury. Thanks Charlotte!!

You Do You

It's so funny how in the beginning of WoahStyle people felt like they had my style pegged. I definitely felt like I was going through a more of a graphic stage at the time while these days I'm embracing neutrals a bit more. The fundamentals of my personal style have remained the same, and they probably always will. 

Fall 2017 Accessories - Celine Vermillion nano luggage bag and tobacco colored Prada mules _9128.jpg