The Return of Thin Brows

For those of us who haven't been able to grow those thick luscious Cara Delevingne brows because we just happen to be naturally predisposed to thin arches or because we just foolishly over tweezed in the 90s (and can't seem to grow them back for the life of us), rejoice, because thin brows are back with a vengeance. I'm calling it now. Just look at my favourite Hadid sister, Bella, who's look screams 90s supermodel and rocks her thin brows like nobody's business. Then there's Girlboss Sophia Amoruso who's thin brows frame her face beautifully.

After a painstaking two years of desperately trying to grow back my own over-tweezed brows, I finally gave up after a chat with Maddox, Benefit's Senior National Educator and eyebrow expert. I asked, umm, more like begged him for some brow advice and he simply told me to tweeze them back a touch because they were too thick for my face. That night, I took out the tweezers. Omitting a few hairs here and there helped a lot.

I wouldn't exactly qualify my brows as thin, but they are compared to the likes of Cara and all of those bold Instagram brows we see everywhere. The thing is, thinner brows suit my face and frame my eyes better. I even noticed my mom rocking a thinner brow lately and you know what, she instantly looked a few years younger. 



If you're not sure about what brow shape suits your face, just visit a professional and have a chat about what results you're looking to get. Benefit has amazing brow experts at Sephora stores across the nation.