4 Hot New Foundations + The Best Way to Apply Them

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Whether you prefer your foundation sheer, in CC form or full coverage, the end goal is always the same - to look effortless like you have naturally amazing flawless skin. Am I right ladies?

Well lucky for us, there are four major brands that have just dropped some amazing products that are sure to suit everyone’s needs. Below I’m giving you the breakdown on what to expect from these newbies on the block as well as the best way to apply them. 

CoverGirl Vitalist foundation review

CoverGirl Vitalist Healthy Elixir Foundation, $18

Best for: Normal / Dry / Combo
Coverage: Light-Medium
Texture: Semi-dewy / Semi-matte 
Best application: Fingers for light natural coverage. Beauty Blender for medium coverage.

This foundation feels lightweight on the skin and reminds me of a thicker version of my all time favourite foundation - MAC's Face & Body. If you're looking for something with a natural finish that's hydrating and won't clog your pores, this is it. Imperfections will still need to be covered with concealer as it's not full coverage but it's easy enough to build it up to medium coverage by using a damp Beauty Blender. This formula might not be best for oily skins as it does have some slip to it. I'd just recommend using a good mattifying primer first, then foundation, then concealer (if needed) and then locking it in place with powder. One thing I should mention is the pump on my bottle stopped working and now I have to unscrew the cap to get the product out, but that's not going to deter me from using it.  

IT COSMETICS Your Skin But Better CC+ Cream with SPF 50+ review

IT Cosmetics Your Skin But Better CC+ Cream with SPF 50, $49

Best for: Normal / Dry and combination skin types
Coverage: Light-Medium
Finish: Semi-dewy / Semi-matte 
Best application: Fingers for light natural coverage

I recommend you try this product to see how your skin will take to it before buying it. When I first started using it, I loved it. I was applying it with my fingers and setting it with a light dusting of loose powder. I enjoy the high SPF 50 protection and the fact it looked natural on my skin. It did fade by the end of the day, but that's to be expected from a light coverage foundation.

On one of my event days, when I normally apply my makeup differently to make it last all day, I used the CC cream with a damp beauty blender for the firs time and baked my under eyes. Before I was even done my eye makeup, the CC cream started to break up around my forehead and get really patchy. That should have been my first sign to wash it off and start over but instead I shrugged it off and patted my Beauty Blender over the area to smooth it out. By the end of the night, my makeup was a patchy muddy mess and my under eyes were cakey and dry. It's all very confusing since I had used a primer along with my fail-safe makeup application technique. That day, I also broke out into an itchy rash after testing this CC cream for a week. I did some research on makeupalley.com and some people are known to break out with this product and have a similar experience to mine. Other people love it and swear by it. 

Again, I'd recommend trying out this product to see if it's for you. Since I got my rash, I haven't been using it at all. 

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Laura Mercier Flawless Fusion Ultra-Longwear Foundation - review

Laura Mercier Flawless Fusion Ultra-Longwear Foundation, $59

Best for: All skin types (oily skins may need a primer)
Coverage: Medium-Full
Finish: The most natural looking matte I've ever seen
Best application: Beauty Blender for full coverage. Artis brush Oval 7 or fingers for quick medium coverage

Let me just start by saying I was originally hesitant on this foundation. When I first tried it at Sephora, it seemed too think and dry for my liking but my beauty contributor bought it and reported back to me saying it was the best thing since sliced bread so I had to try it for myself. It smoothes over my skin beautifully with my fingers and if I need full coverage, I simply apply it with a Beauty Blender. It looks natural and covers up a lot of the imperfections on my skin with one layer, but it lacks the dewiness I like from a foundation. Those with normal-dry skin might want to skip the powder for that reason. Since I have an oily T-zone, I always set it with loose powder to lock it into place. This is the foundation I’ve been wearing when I have events and I’m in meetings all day and it hasn’t failed me once! If you’re on the oilier side, you might want to use a primer first so make sure it wears all day. 

MAC next to nothing foundation review

MAC Next To Nothing Face Colour, $31

Best for: Dry/ Normal skin
Coverage: Sheer (aka; next to nothing)
Finish: Dewy
Best application: smooth directly onto skin with clean fingers 

Fans of MAC’s iconic Face & Body foundation are going to love this sheer new face colour. Packaged with nourishing fruit extracts, this stuff is hydrating and perfect for dry and normal skin types. It glides on like a gel and leaves the prettiest balmy finish on the skin. For quick application, use your fingers but if you’re looking for a bit more coverage, I’d recommend MAC’s new synthetic face fan brush in No. 141 ($35). For those like me with combination skin and an oily T-zone, yes, you can still use this foundation and I personally love it. Just make sure you set it with a powder to lock it into place. 

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