VIDEO: $1,500 Designer Shopping Haul + My Ultimate Shopping Tips

You guys asked for and now I'm dishing, where do I shop and how do I find so many amazing shoes on sale? Well, I put together my top five sale shopping tips for you guys along with my latest shopping haul! 

I spent just under $1,500 and bought four pairs of designer shoes (two pairs of Saint Laurent boots, Loewe, and Isabel Marant). I also updated my clothes and picked up four tops that will work well into summer as well as other seasons depending on how they're styled. 

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I'M WEARING: Frank & Eileen carbon heart sweatshirt, Rag & Bone zippered moto jeans (I don't think they make this style anymore), Isabel Marant t-shirt at the end of the video. Necklaces from Medallion necklace by Jenny Bird.



☆ Saint Laurent Cowboy boots ☆ Saint Laurent Rock Star 40 cowboy boots (I called it the Wyatt boot in the video but it's the Rock Star. I just checked the box.) ☆ Loewe velvet & patent leather Chelsea boot ☆ Isabel Marant Ansel metallic leather silver sandals ☆ Alexander Wang Denim vest from Winners ☆ Uniqlo denim jacket, men's, size XS ☆ Uniqlo striped Mickey Mouse t-shirt, men's, size XS ☆ Free People embroidered top 


(for luxury shopping and heck, just shopping in general)

1. BUY WHAT YOU LOVE: If you love it, chances are you're going to have it in your closet for a long time.

2. KNOW YOURSELF: Shop for yourself and what makes you feel your most confident and happy self.

3. BE TREND AWARE: Trends come and go and that can get expensive real fast. Instead, build a closet full of classic pieces and add on the pieces that you love along the way. 

4. MAKE SURE IT FITS: Clothing items can be altered but take it from me, ill-fitting shoes will always be ill-fitting. Be wary of super high heels or uncomfortable styles you can't walk in.

5. EDUCATE YOURSELF: Take advantage of sales. Know when sale season starts and shop then. Don't be afraid to shop out of season styles - for example, if you find a winter coat in the summer at a heavily discounted price. It's better it sits in your closet for a few months versus paying the full price later down the road, don't you think?