SHOP THE LOOK: Leopard Print Cardigan

oversized leopard print cardigan, mackage leather pants, cartel miranda boots, nathalie martin -

I’M WEARING: Topshop leopard print cardi (similar here for $27), Mackage leather pants, Cartel Miranda boots, TOMS white Traveler sunglasses.

The amount of DM’s and comments I’ve gotten over this leopard print cardigan are telling of how in demand leopard print is this fall and how much we’re all craving leather, er, I mean, sweater weather.

How I got this cardigan isn’t nearly as exciting as most of my sale finds. The reality is I scored this one completely at random while I was walking by Topshop. With no intentions of shopping, I was just passing through to grab a cup of coffee at Starbucks. Out of the corner of my eye was the saddest little sale rack I’ve ever seen. It looked like random clothes that had been long forgotten tucked away deep in the back of the stock room.

There was my leopard cardi, half falling off the hanger, looking kinda pathetic and like it had been stepped on a few times. I’m not even kidding, I actually took the time to inspect it for holes, stains and weird odors. It sort of felt like I was thrifting.

Since this $20 cardi has become one of the most requested pieces in my closet recently, I wanted to find some alternatives for you.

From $27 - $295, there should be something for everyone. Happy shopping!