VIDEO: Healthy, Glowing Makeup/Skin care feat. OLAY + CHANEL

Getting the appearance healthy, glowing skin past the age of 30 can be challenging but it’s not at all impossible.

Skin starts to dull, fine lines and wrinkles set in, and under eye circles are a constant no matter how much sleep is involved the night before. Hands up if you know what I’m talking about.

I’m 37, so I know the struggle too well. I’m constantly fine tuning my makeup routine to give my skin that radiant appearance we all strive for.

I find the key is to experiment to narrow down what works best as my skin changes. For example, certain shades of blush will pop and flatter some skin tones more than others. It’s just a matter of finding what’s right for you. I have light-medium olive skin and corals and red-orange do wonders for my complexion.

I also love playing around with new application techniques. I’m always watching videos so I can learn how to improve my foundation/concealer game. Right now I’m obsessed with this concealer trick from makeup artist Wayne Goss, called “Age Defying Concealer Tricks”. I used it in my Armani Beauty Neo Nude video and you’ll see right away how quickly it lifts my face and makes me look well rested with just a few strategic swipes of concealer. Seriously, it’s like magic.

For skincare, I try to keep it consistent because my skin has become sensitive in my thirties. I’m also combination/oily so that’s fun.

I use my trust Olay WHIPS moisturizer every single day. The version with SPF 25 for the day and the one without SPF for night. My skin has never broken out in a weird rash with Olay so I’m pretty faithful to it. (Plus my grandmother used it religiously and she had beautiful skin her whole life.)

Otherwise, I love serums. I’ll use pretty much anything that gets sent my way because I don't get an allergic reaction as I do from certain moisturizers and oils.

I seem to go through a bottle of serum every three to four weeks. I slather it on my face, neck, and all over my chest. Never neglect the décolletage. It needs lots of moisture and SPF too!

That’s pretty much it for my glowing skincare/makeup routine. Make sure you press play and watch my video for all of my secrets!