Glamping with BURT'S BEES

Glamping; modern luxury camping for people terrified of roughing it out with real camping. AKA, me.

Instead of sleeping in a tent on a blow up mattress, or worse yet, a sleeping bag on the ground, glamping means cozying up to a king sized bed and fluffy duvet at night. Sure, the concept borders on ridiculous for real campers but for someone like me who loves the outdoors without roughing, it’s actually perfect.

On a rainy October morning we headed to Whispering Springs for a night of glamping with the Burt’s Bees team to chat about their upcoming launches.

Fans of the brand will be happy to learn their makeup line is expanding in a big way to include liquid lipsticks, highlight sticks, and an extended colour range of foundation and concealer. For skincare, a new facial oil, body wash, and more face sheet masks will be added.

BTW - I used the Lavender & Honey body wash in my bath that night and it was divine. It smelled natural and didn’t irritate my skin.

Keep reading for more on my glamping experience at Whispering Springs and for more on the Burt’s Bees.

New Burt’s Bees Makeup

Sneak peak at some early 2019 Burt’s Bees launches - highlight stick, new foundation shades, concealer, and liquid lipsticks are amongst their growing line of natural makeup. Their skincare range will expand to include body wash, sheet masks, and a new facial oil.

Whsipering Springs Glamping, Grafton, ON - photos by Nathalie Martin, woahstyle.com_0559.JPG

What I’m Wearing

Aritzia Neelam red plaid jacket. Uniqlo navy striped shirt and HeatTech hat. Levi’s skinny jeans. Cougar Kismet rubber moto boots. Bonlook gold aviator eyeglasses.

Lunch is Served

Our meals at Whispering Springs were inspired by the natural ingredients found in Burt’s Bees products such as apricot and honey. We ate under the main tent which also featured a small bar.

What To Expect Glamping at Whispering Springs

Nature and luxury are in harmony here at Whispering Springs. They offer yoga, massages, nature hikes, volleyball, and have a hot tub on site. Make sure you bring cozy knits and warm layers this time of year.

Each room at Whispering Springs contains a bathtub. (Sorry bath haters, no showers on site). I ended the day with a hot soak full with bubbles from the new Burt’s Bees Lavender & Honey body wash. I also tried the Detoxifying Charcoal sheet mask for the first time and moisturized my lips with the Overnight Lip Treatment.


In my opinion glamping in the fall is better than the dead of summer because at least you can throw layers on and take them off as needed. There is no escaping the summer heat and mosquitoes so you take that for what it’s worth.

Surprisingly I didn’t bring a ton of clothes and brought only a single pair of shoes - rain boots. Trust me, that’s all you’ll need. It gets muddy this time of year so leave those cute shoes at home.


  • THERMAL LAYERS. Uniqlo makes the best ones with their HeatTech collection of tops, bottoms, and accessories. It kept me warm in Northen Iceland so you can bet it kept me warm glamping in Ontario.

  • WARM ACCESSORIES. Hats, socks, gloves, scarves.

  • SWEATERS. One good one is really all you need. I love one that covers my neck so I can forfeit the scarf.


  • RAIN COAT. Because umbrellas are too cumbersome when glamping.

  • WARM COAT. I opted for a wool coat from Aritzia that I’ve had forever.

  • WATERPROOF SHOES. I wore my Cougar rubber shoes. They’re badass because they look like motorcycle boots but they’re actually rain boots. Genius.

Depending on the time of year, you should consider outdoor staples such as bug repellent, sunscreen.

Also consider travel essentials like a toothbrush, toothpaste, and everyday toiletries - facial cleanser, moisturizer, eye cream, etc. Whispering Springs has you covered with bath towels, robes, and mini shampoo, body wash, and body lotion.

Ten glamping tents can be found at Whispering Springs. Each room features a cozy king sized bed, heater, mini fridge, coffee maker, bathtub, sink, and toilet.

Glamping essentials: my aluminum AWAY carry-on with monogram stickers full of warm layers.

Staying true to the glamping theme, Whispering Springs delivers breakfast to your tent in a picnic basket containing fresh fruit, granola, yogurt, a croissant, butter, jam, OJ, and milk. Plates and culterly can be found in the room as well as the coffee machine for your morning brew.

Whsipering Springs Glamping, Grafton, ON - photos by Nathalie Martin, woahstyle.com_0610.JPG
Whsipering Springs Glamping, Grafton, ON - photos by Nathalie Martin, woahstyle.com_0672.jpg
Burt's Bees 2019 launches, liquid lipsticks, natural makeup  - photos by Nathalie Martin, woahstyle.com_9857.JPG


On the second day we got to make our own custom lipsticks with the help of Burt’s Bees Chemist, Abeena. This is my second time meeting her and I’m convinced she’s the most badass woman around. She walked us through the process and how they test the shelf life of their natural products. With a base of beeswax and apricot oil, we added pigments after pigment to get the shades we wanted.

I made three shades of red lipsticks varying from blue red, orange red, and russet. Are you actually surprised?

Whsipering Springs natural springs, glamping, Grafton, ON - photos by Nathalie Martin, 10.jpg

DISCLAIMER: Special thanks to Burt’s Bees and Whispering Springs for the stay.
All photos and opinions are my own.