I blame Pinterest for refueling my love of blue jeans.

It happened subconsciously where I found myself pinning picture after picture of women in jeans instead of the usual monochrome look. Honestly, I'm SOOOOO over the B&W Instagram accounts. I just can't. Blue jeans just feel right for spring. Plus they're so reliable and classic. We'll never get bored of seeing jeans and we'll always find new ways to wear them. Take Maja Wyh for example - she wears denim like no one else. I'm always amazed that she can make skinnies look so good with her oversized tops and feminine heels. Sarah Harris is another one- she wears jeans like they were made for her. I envy the connection her body seems to have with her jeans. Own it like you mean it!

I'm tempted to put away my black jeans all together but let's face it, that's NEVER going to happen. Instead, prepare to see me wearing lots of blue jeans this spring/summer.

xo, Nathalie

*Special thanks to Cartel Footwear for hooking me up with these awesome boots that go so well with my blue jeans.