As much as I complain about our harsh winters, one of the perks of living in Canada is the diversity of our weather; rainy spring days, hot summers, colourful autumns and snowy winters. Fashion translation: more options for footwear!

I spent some time at the cottage recently and of course, I had to bring more than one pair of shoes - my Dolce Vita lace-up sandals and my Sam Edelman slip-ons. Both are incredibly comfortable and can be found at Town Shoes. They're suitable for the city and cottage but for this trip I was partial to the slip-ons since they're great for boating.

What are your go-to shoes this season and where will you be wearing them?

xo, Nathalie

*Nathalie is this years brand ambassador for Town Shoes and this post is sponsored by them. All opinions and photos are her own.

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