Happy Sunday! Did anyone else sleep in this morning or was it just me? I figured today is a crucial rest day since the madness of Toronto Fashion Week begins tomorrow. With that being said, I decided to do a little bit of shopping to freshen up my look.

This whole outfit was subconsciously inspired by these "Blackcats" custom Converse by @elicserelliott. He'll be at Town Shoes, Eaton Centre, today from 12-5pm today customizing Converse so make sure you stop by! Personally I wanted cats on my sneakers seeing as I have two little black cats of my own. Crazy cat lady much? I think so.

Earlier in the week, I did a bit of online shopping and picked up this heavily distressed plaid shirt from Zara. The hemline is completely frayed, which I love. I also just got this amazing bomber jacket from Mackage's SS16 collection. In case you guys haven't been following fashion week around the globe, bomber jackets are HUGE this season! As for the bag, you might have seen me carrying it in red (here), but that one was borrowed. I loved it so much that I needed it in black for my own collection. (Thanks Mackage!!) Finally, the jeans, v-neck and baseball cap are not "new in" but you guys know that I believe in investing in good quality basics and that I'm not really one for fast fashion. ;) 

So there you have it, I know this look is uber casual considering we're entering TFW, but I think in the past I've always "tried too hard". This year I'm going to dress for me.

xo, Nathalie