Colour Me Tan with Jergens® Natural Glow®

Confession time: I used to love tanning. As a kid, I'd spend summers in Miami and I would spend hours baking in the sun, sometimes without sunscreen. I'm lucky because I have olive skin that doesn't burn, but I cringe when I think of all the permanent damage under the surface. Ugh. 

That's probably why I'm so obsessed with skincare now. I make sure to take care of my outer layer from head to toe. But I can't lie - I still love the look of a tan, but I'm not willing to do anymore damage to my skin. Over the years, I've tried dozens of self-tanners and I've always been disappointed. Sometimes they're sticky, or they smell weird, or worse - they leave you orange! Not sexy. 

When Jergens® asked me to be part of their Natural Glow® influencer program and participate in their #GlowAndShow campaign, I was super excited. I grew up with the brand, and I still use a lot of their products regularly (love you Soothing Aloe Moisturizer). I've heard great things about their Natural Glow® line and was eager to try it out. Well, I've been using it for a few weeks and you can see the results for yourself. Pretty awesome, huh? 





Application was seamless and the smell is none offensive, which was a huge relief because the self-tanners I've tried in the past have always been iffy in this area. And it's subtle but noticeable, like I spent 4 straight days chilling at that Mandarin Oriental pool in Las Vegas drinking margaritas as they play Calvin Harris all day long. A girl can dream. 

A plus that came out of this that I didn't expect is that my clothes look more vibrant. Now that it's spring, I find myself wearing a lot of stark white outfits and lighter colours. Now that my skin is a little tanned, my clothes just pop. I also look healthier, which hi, everyone wants. 

I've tried "high end" self-tanners in the past, and I can't say any of them have justified the price point. Jergens® Natural Glow® usually retails for under $15 and lasts for quite some time, so it's definitely worth picking up. I'd argue that it's even better than some of the self-tanners that I've tried that cost two, even three times more.

You can pick up entire the Jergens® product line up at (who I've been shopping with for years - one of my fave online retailers).

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xo, Nathalie

[This blog post was sponsored by Jergens® but all the opinions are my own]