Off to get my hair did pre-ballet. 

Off to get my hair did pre-ballet. 

I love dance, but don't confuse that with dancing, because I can't. Sometimes I'll try and it genuinely upsets Geoff and the cats. : S  

When I was asked to attend The Four Temperaments & Rubies & Cacti at the National Ballet of Canada presented by Nexxus Salon Hair Care, I was excited for a few reasons. 

"Funny, ironical and outrageous" is how this mixed billed ballet has been described. How crazy compelling is that?!

  1. Getting to see Principal Dancer Heather Ogden in action. She's amazing!

  2. A night out on the town is the perfect excuse for getting my hair DID and my outfit ON.

  3. Having an opportunity to put the Nexxus' Oil Infinity Oil Infusing System to the test. 

In case you guys are wondering, Nexxus and The National Ballet of Canada have partnered together to represent "Hair That Lives to Move". It makes so much sense when you think about relation of hair and dance when it comes to movement and fluidity.

With that being said, I have thick, unruly, Latina hair. Aside from liking the way it looks, the reason I have short hair is because I just can't deal with the maintenance of long hair. I have the kind of hair that doesn't care if it's the most important day of your life, it's gonna turn on you and bust out frizz at the slightest hint of humidity or rain. That's why quality products are key, and guys, the Nexxus Oil Infinite line  is KEY.

The Nexxus Oil Infinite line is designed to help regain control of unmanageable hair with pure, renewing ingredients. The line consists of an Oil Infinite Shampoo, Oil Infinite Conditioner and the Nourishing Hair Oil. You can read more about the formulations here. They're available mass, drug and grocery retailers between $13.99 and $19.

For a chance to win some Nexxus goodies of your own, simply leave a comment below or check out my Instagram post and leave me a comment. It's that easy. 

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