Once upon a time I saw a beautiful Marc Jacobs dress on eBay. I was young, naïve and thought, “OMG it’s $27, there’s no way I can pass this up!”

So I pressed BUY NOW and waited 6 weeks to receive it. It looked fantastic on me and I wore it for almost a year. I eventually grew tired of the pattern and took the dress, along with other designer pieces, to a local consignment shop. They authenticated everything except the Marc Jacobs dress WHICH WAS A FAKE. How could it be? It looked and felt like silk. It had a tag that looked just like the ones in my other Marc Jacobs pieces. It was devastating, and that was the last time I bought a used designer piece.

Diana, my BFF, business manager and contributing editor at WoahStyle has had much better luck. She owns a few pre-loved Louis Vuitton pieces, which she purchased for a fraction of the cost. AND THEY’RE REAL. I asked what her secret was, and she said that you only buy from consignment stores you trust. She’s an avid online stalker, so she does all the necessary research before buying and selling from any consignment store.

When Mcouture approached me about selling my gently used designer items through their online store, I got Diana to dig deep and see if it would be a good partnership for me. She came back and told me that Mcouture is “super legit” and encouraged me to sell my items because, as she likes to constantly remind me, I need to simplify and edit everything. My wardrobe, my blog posts, my life. The process was seamless. I sent them my items, they authenticated them, and then we negotiated how much I would receive when the items were sold. Here’s what I decided to sell on Mcouture:

Rockstuds are one of the brand’s most sought after styles. I was drawn to them because of the burnt orange colour that casts off a pretty shimmer every time I walked by. They have an easy to wear kitten heel, are so very comfortable and delightfully feminine. 

I pinned this bag on Pinterest so many times that it was pathetic. I was first in line to buy it when it became available. It’s unique, edgy and makes a statement – one side says ‘CASH’ while the other says ‘ONLY’, which is my shopping motto. LOL.

This is just a sample of the amazing inventory they have at They also have pre-loved goods from brands such as Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Isabel Marant and more and they’re up to 80% off. There’s a few pieces I’ve got my eye on – and I won’t buy new things until I sell something I don’t use anymore, so this is really the perfect site for me.

I’ve teamed up with Mcouture for an amazing opportunity for my readers. If you are looking to sell your used designer goods, you can qualify to win a $100 store credit to use towards a future purchase when you send your items with the mention WoahStyle on your discharge. 

Check out full details here.

Happy selling and shopping!

xo, Nathalie