Hair Hacks You Need to Know If You Want Beautiful, Healthy Hair

Hair Hacks You Need to Know If You Want Beautiful, Healthy Hair

When it comes to haircare, I’m extremely picky. After a run in with an inexperienced hairdresser who left me looking like Bozo the clown, how can you blame me?

Since then I’ve fine-tuned my hair care routine and I’ve got it down to a science! Even though the damage hasn’t FULLY grown out, it’s not obvious that it had been in such a fragile state at one point.

I’ve teamed up with Pantene to share my top 5 Hair Tips. All their styling products have vitamins and antioxidants and help protect hair from styling damage, which is a huge relief for me given what my hair’s gone through in the past. Whether your hair needs some TLC or if you just want to prevent damage, these tips should work wonders for you as they have for me.

5 Easy Hair Tips For Healthy Locks

1. How To Prevent Split Ends

Ever since jumping on the heat protector bandwagon, I refuse to heat style my hair without it. This one is actually a heat primer, which contains nutrients and protects hair from up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit - excellent for keeping away those split ends and going even longer between trims. I also love how light-weight it is.

2. How to Prolong The Life of Your Hair Style

When I first heard that I could use Pantene’s Air Spray BEFORE heat styling to lock in my curl, I was apprehensive but I went forward and tried It anyway. Since the formula is alcohol-free, there’s zero crunch, residue or stickiness, making it ideal to use before and after heat styling. Best of all, it’s a brushable hair spray that leaves hair soft to the touch while locking in that style and extending its life. And never any flaking. YES!


3. How To Skip A Wash Day Like A Pro

I have A LOT of hair so I’ll go three or four days between washes. I learned this tip by accident when my hair was at the five-day point and I desperately needed to go one more day. For the sake of making my dry shampoo even more effective, I sprayed it on to my roots before going to bed so it could soak up those natural oils overnight. Well, it worked and my hair wasn’t nearly as gnarly the next morning. In fact, it looked pretty darn good! I love that the dry shampoo from Pantene has natural tapioca in it and doesn’t leave a white residue.

4. How to Fake Healthy Hair When Your Ends Are As Dry As The Desert

Two words if your hair is dry like mine. Hair Oil. Seriously, this is non-negotiable for me because the frizz is an untamed beast otherwise. I put on a bit when my hair Is damp to help nourish the ends, before blow drying. Once my hair is styled, I’ll add a bit more, only to the ends, as the final step to get that silky smooth hair we all want. This Pantene Nourishing Oil is infused with nutrients and can also help seal split end for hair that looks super healthy and shiny, but still feels light-weight.

5. How to Revitalize Dry, Damaged Hair

After having my colour treated recently, it was drier than ever and was tangling like crazy in the shower. I used some fancy conditioner that actually did nothing for me - so I jumped out of the shower soaking wet and grabbed my trusty Intense Rescue Shots. (Why did I bother with anything else?) Formulated with Pro-Vitamin B5, strengthening lipids and natural glycerin, this potent conditioner melts away tangles, repairs damage, and leaves hair ridiculously smooth and soft. Best of all, it works its magic in just one minute.


why Pantene is part of my hair care routine -

I hope these tips are super easy for you and that you want to try them for yourself. Whether you’re trying to get your hair healthy, OR if you just want to maintain the health of your hair - it’s worth a shot.

It's been a mission and a half to get my hair to where it is now and I would hate to see anyone else go through the learning curve that I did.

 We all know that Pantene has an awesome range of shampoos and conditioners, and now they make it easier with their antioxidant and vitamin-infused styling products so why not give it a try!

Good luck and cheers to healthy hair!

Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by Pantene. All photos, videos, and opinions are my own.