How To Rock The Loewe Basket Bag This Season

nathalie martin linen pants from uniqlo and loewe basket bag street style 1.JPG

My friend and YouTube partner, Michael, was in Hawaii recently getting some much-needed sun and R&R. Almost every day he would text with daily updates on what people were wearing, what he was eating, and what shops he visited. Then one day he texted to say that he and his super-fabulous-mother got matching Loewe basket bags.


Basket bags have been around as long as I can remember and I’m pretty sure that my own mom rocked these back in her home of Nicaragua back in the ’70s. Most likely they were used for groceries and picnics back then but I digress.

Loewe’s version has been around for a few seasons, but it’s only now they’re picking up steam. While relatively inexpensive (the medium retails for about $450), it’s still a pretty penny to pay considering that they are handmade of natural woven raffia. (Let’s just that those who made them got their fair wages.)

My personal style is edgy with a quirky twist so basket bags don’t exactly fall into my aesthetic. However, when I got a chance to rock a full linen outfit from Uniqlo recently, the bag suddenly made sense and in fact, elevated my look.

If you’re going to be wearing one of these Loewe bags this summer, considering pairing it with natural fabrics such as cotton and linen for that carefree “I just got back from vacation” look. (For reference - I’m wearing the medium sized bag in this post.)


nathalie martin linen pants from uniqlo and loewe basket bag street style.JPG

Photos by Michael Biro,