Yesterday I uploaded my first vlog on YouTube. It's a short one but it gives you a behind the scenes look of what happens on press trips like this one with Herbal EssencesMake sure you hit play below and watch it okay? ;)

In this post I'll be talking to you more about the new Bio:Renew line and go through a new hair styling technique I learned from celebrity stylist, Charles Baker Strahan so keep reading

Bio:Renew is a new premium line from the Herbal Essences family (price range $6.99 - $9.99). It was created to protect hair from daily harmful elements and helps revive dull hair. The line up includes shampoos, conditioners and styling products made with a blend of antioxidants, aloe and sea kelp.

Something I really enjoy about Bio:Renew is its ability to protect the hair from the daily elements that will eventually deteriorate the hair but also the ability to control frizz and create soft manageable hair. The Bio:Renew technology comes from the antioxidant called Histidine, which works for the hair the way superfoods work for the human body. It purifies and protects and by trapping, neutralizing and removing build-up free radicals that weaken hair.

Since the Herbal Essences brand is built on a foundation of natural hair care, I wanted to know a little more:

Is the Bio:Renew line biodegradable?
The majority of each formula is biodegradable. Each formula has a different levels of biodegradability.

Is it 100% natural? If not, can you tell me the percent of natural ingredients. 
The Bio:Renew products are not 100% natural. We use the best of nature and science to craft products with amazing performance. Science can do beautiful things! 

I read somewhere that all shampoos and the entire product line is safe for colour treated hair. Can you confirm?
Yes - all shampoos and conditioners are colour-safe. Coloured hair will soak up the antioxidants in Bio:Renew to protect from harmful oxidation.

Is there a heat-protecting product in the line up?
There is no specific heat protectant in the lineup. However, conditioners are your best defense for high heat. Applying the Herbal Essences oil-infused crème (Coconut Milk or Argan Oil) to damp hair will leave hair prepared for heat styling.


I have a lot of thick hair thats highly prone to frizz and only certain high end styling products tame. I was surprised to see that Bio:Renew left my hair with the same results as my $30 shampoo and $50 styling creme. I know it's a lot of money I spend on hair care but in my experience, not a lot of hair care is compatible with my hair type (thick and frizzy. Think Hermione from Harry Potter if my hair is au naturel.)  Not gonna lie, I was really surprised and happy to see what a drug store product could do for me.

To give you guys a bigger picture, Bio:Renew was created with different hair types in mind in an array of luxury scents. The three models style here by celebrity stylist Charles Baker Strahan went from wavy hair, thin hair and black hair and all ended up with beautiful, shiny, managable bouncy hair.


If you like perfectly-undone-beachy-waves, pay attention to the mini tutorial below to see how Charles gets those gorgeous waves. He's worked on some of my favourite style icons like Erin Wasson and created a similar look on my hair. Since returning back home I have been using the Bio:Renew Argan Oil of Morcocco shampoo and conditioner and I'm still loving it. I've also been styling my hair the way Charles taught me and I find my style lasts longer and is easier to manage.


Click PLAY to learn how to get textured waves. 


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Photos and video content by Michael Biro and Nathalie Martin.

Hair by Charles Baker Strahan for Herbal Essences.

This post is sponsored by Herbal Essences. All opinions are my own.