URBAN DECAY'S Waterproof Perversion Mascara WILL NOT SMUDGE (even in this hot & humid summer)

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Admittedly, trying new mascaras is not my favourite thing as I know that I’ll inevitably end up looking like a raccoon at some point in the day. My lower lashes happen to be freakishly long, which is both a blessing a curse.

If you’re a smudger, like me, then you know how hard it is to find a good mascara. Because of that, I have a very small roster of brands that I can rely on - CoverGirl, CHANEL, Maybelline, and, well that’s pretty much it.

As much as I love Lancome and L’Oréal mascaras for their volume building, clump-free, lengthening qualities, they will eventually smudge throughout the day so I’ll never wear them for a night out.


In addition to the smudging, I also have the sort of lashes that will, without a doubt, lose their curl and straighten out again if I don’t use waterproof mascara. Yes, this is a thing and I’m very jealous of people who can curl their lashes, apply any mascara, and move on with their day. That, however, is not an option for me.

Upon receiving Urban Decay’s Perversion Waterproof mascara as PR, I was excited because brands very rarely send waterproof mascaras for review.

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I tried it for the first time on a hot and humid day, where I was working away at my desk up until about 5 pm and had to attend an event later that evening. Those types of days are very stressful for me because I’m trying to get as much done as possible before facing an hour-long commute into the city. I digress.

The first stroke of mascara thickened and lifted my lashes as I applied it in a zig-zag motion from the root to tip. The second coat, which I’ll do for more volume, was even better with no signs of clumping along the way.


As I went on with my day, I actually forgot that I was testing out new mascara because I didn't find myself wiping away any annoying smudges.

I got back home at about 10 pm exhausted and ready for bed. My lashes were still intact and it was clear that Urban Decay’s Perversion Waterproof mascara held up beautifully without any signs of smudging or flaking.

With the price tag of $32, it’s more expensive than its drugstore counterparts but cheaper than my beloved CHANEL mascara (which I’ll buy once a year as a beauty treat).

Well done Urban Decay, you get two thumbs up from me!

Photos and GIF by Nathalie Martin