Doing a new take on denim on denim with this Stella McCartney Falabella star bag paired with my Zara mini skirt. A mint pair of Vans looks super fresh with denim and they're perfect for walking around the farmers market. I was influenced by my style crush, Lizzy VD Ligt, and topped off the look with some Comme des Garçons stripes

Finally, Happy Fathers Day to all of the dad's out there! I don't normally talk about my family and personal life but I to take a sec to say thank you to my father for always being there for me. He gave me his cheezy sense of humour, love of animals and his love of music. He had mix tapes in his car and records in the house and was constantly playing The Beatles, CCR, The Eagles and Bob Marley amongst so many others. He's the one who took me to my first rock concert when none of my other friends where allowed to go. Both he and my mum have always encouraged my creative side so I know without them, I might not be doing this today. Happy Father's Day Pops!!

xoxo, Nathalie

Hanging around St. Jacobs Farmers Market with bestie Global Garçon