Remember that buyers remorse I was talking about in yesterday's Fancy For Cheap post? Well today's outfit is the perfect example. I picked up this cute off the shoulder top from Aritzia for 20% off during their Clientele Private sale. (BTW-Why does Aritzia still do that whole final sale on their sale items bullshit? They really need to get rid of that policy. Store credit would suffice, thank you very much.) Anyway, I learned after wearing this top on a hot sunny day that it's not breathable. Nope! The exterior is made of thick synthetic fabric and it's unnecessarily lined with an additional layer of synthetic fabric, trapping in more body heat inside. To top it off (pun intended), something is up with the shoulders because my shirt refuses to stay in place and keeps wanting to roll up on top of my shoulders. Don't get my wrong, the shirt is beautiful but it's such a drag when you bring something home only to find it's not the easiest to wear. 

What's your most recent buyers remorse? Where you able to return it or did you get trapped into final sale like me?

xo, Nathalie