7 Fabulous Summer Scents to Try Now

7 FABULOUS SUMMER SCENTS - Marc Jacobs Daisy Love, CHANEL No 5 L'eau, L'eau Tan, Atelier Cologne Clementine California, Tom Ford Santal Blush, Soleil Blanc, Anine Bing, Savage Rose - woahstyle.com - nathalie martin.jpg

Summer doesn't have to mean swapping out your favourite scent for something light and fruity. If you're like me, the idea of this is repulsive. As my best friend points out, I'm drawn to "mysterious" scents. Trust me, nothing's gonna stop me from wearing sandalwood, regardless of the weather.

Below are seven of my favourite scents that will withstand even the hottest of summer days and will always leave you smelling amazing. 

  1. MARC JACOBS DAISY LOVE - Youthful and sophisticated this new MJ scent has top notes of Crystallized cloudberries (smells as intriguing as it sounds) with a base of Cashmere musk and driftwood.
  2. CHANEL N°5 L'EAU - Fans of N°5 L'EAU are going to flip for this one. It's the same uber-chic scent in an All-Over spray formula. What does that mean? Lighter in delivery and can be used in your hair. Yes, please!
  3. ATELIER COLOGNE CLEMENTINE CALIFORNIA - Sweet but citrusy with a tangy kick, this scent is beautiful on everyone. Yes, it's gender neutral and I love it!
  4. CHANEL L'EAU TAN - Not exactly a fragrance, this self-tanning mist smells amazing enough to be one. A blend of citrus with accents of orange blossom & lily, with an underlying soft amber base of white musks, I'm living for this one!
  5. TOM FORD SOLEIL BLANC - It smells like the most luxurious vacation ever. Seriously. If you haven't caught a whiff of this one yet, run to the nearest TF counter!
  6. TOM FORD SANTAL BLUSH - Perfect for summer, and actually, all year round. You'll love this spicy oriental scent if you're a fan of sandalwood. 
  7. ANINE BING SAVAGE ROSE - This isn't Grandma's rose scent. This scent is modern, unique and smells very green - like freshly picked flowers after the rain. It's beyond gorgeous.